Common Laboratory Glassware and Apparatus

We list below name and descriptions of common lboratory glassware and apparatus. As a chemist, you should be familier with all of them. If you have any observation or if you know more apparatus shall be listed and it's high recommended for every chemist to know, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Erlenmeyer flask (conical flask) 

Used for titration or filtration of liquids and to prevent air contamination to sample during work


Used for measuring liquid roughly volume with low accuracy

Graduated cylinder

Used for measuring liquid with better accuracy than beaker

Test tube holder

Used for holding test tubes


Used for burn sample at high temperature

Mortar and Pestle

Used for graining materials which have large particle size to small

Round bottom flask

Used for distillation or heating of  liquid, allows uniform heating

Volumetric flask

Used for measuring liquid with high accuracy


Used for transfer exact amount of liquid

Separatory funnel

Used for Liquid-Liquid extracts, designed for increase separation efficiency

Buchner funnel

Used for vacuum filtration using filter paper

Watch glass

Used  for air drying or oven drying of liquid


Used for store reagents or samples

Glass rode

Used for stirring of liquid for several purposes


Used for store material and protect it from air contamination or humidity


Used for liquid transfer. Also for simple filtration


Wash bottle

Used for dispensing small amount of liquid like solvent of disyilled water


Used for cleaning of all types of glassware

Bottle dropper

Used mainly for indicators or reagents

Boss head

Used for holding clamp with stand rode in the distillation system

Distillation head

Used for connecting distillation flask with condenser and thermometer in the distillation system


Used for measuring temperature

Receiving adapter

Used to connect condenser with receiving flask in the distillation system


Used for condensing volatile liquid during distillation


Used commonly as base for holding distillation system and burette along with clamp and boss head


Used for holding glassware along with stand and boss head

Ring with boss head

Used for holding separatory funnel or funnel along with stand

Pipette bulb

Used along with pipette to suck liquid

Bunsen burner

Used and heat source

Wire gauze

Used for spread the head of burner homogeneously

Filter paper

Used for filtration, available with different pore size


Used for holding small objects like filter paper


Used for transfer liquid drop by drop

Heat Mantle

Used as source of heat, mainly for distillation system


Used for separation of precipitations from supernatant


Used for measuring mass of materials


Used for titration where titrant pored inside

Burette Clamp

Used along with stand to hold burette

Bottle top dispenser

Used for transfer accurate amount from the bottle (mostly used for acids and organic solvent)